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THEL 10A regulator pair

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For sale a pair of verry good regs for class A amps or other hifi builds.This are good for constant 10A of current and 20A on spikes.I buy some pieces positive and negative regs of this ,years back directly from Thel audio germany but today they are not more produced(verry dissapointing).I use this in all my pass aleph builds and they work without problems and with regulated psu you have way lower noise floor and much more blacker background.In music you have much more details,better and faster bass section and verry silky high section.You will become one positive and one negative reg module,so you can build one psu for up to constant 10A of current.The input voltage is from 20-100V and the output you can set by trimmer from 10-90 volts. In last picture you can see my psu for my aleph 6 build.The price I want is 200 eu for both plus shipping in EU!!!Payment by paypal or bank transfer.For more questions plese contact me.


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