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Video Projector WikiWeb

<a href="">The Video Projector WikiWeb is here</a>!

If you don't know what a Wiki is or would like to know more, please check out the main <a href="">diyAudio Wiki Page</a>.

is that what u mean jason? i've started editing the links :) i put in the main categories - i wasn't sure about the ebay ones but i suppose they r good for 90 days....
i just put and dreamlashes main links and deleted the individual photos - all the photos can be accessed from their main pages (i had to display all 4 of mine cos u cant get 2 them from my website!!)
Switches things on and off again
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Hi Gav,

Mate you are a legend :D Nice work!

By default, image links used to show the actual image. I have turned that off for now, you can imagine what the page looked like with it turned on. Down the line we can make it easier to include actual images in the Wiki.

i was wondering the same thing myself and also about the possible subjectivity of the situation. what if all the supposed "invalid" links are put at the bottom in a section for "invalid" and after a week if no one complains, they can be trashed. of course some would be obvious junk so i say just delete those.

btw, are me and you the only wiki ed's out there?
sounds good superzoboo, there's alot of crap in there that can go - just a matter of time before it's done

i'm editing because this way i'm contributing to this site which has helped me so much...

do ya think that'll give everyone else a guilt trip and help ?? :)

BTW it might be a good idea if anyone else finds a link to a particular item to put it straight into the wikki, save doing it again in 6 months time when the part 2 thread gets closed down :)
outdated items

Items that are outdated or invalid or of no use anymore should be kept and labled as so.
If they are erased (mainly lcd's and bulbs) people might forget they were already counted out or newbies might think they found some untried lcd and try them again.
Its good to know what doesn't work just as a reminder.
Hi, I noticed some things were labeled "MOVED".

I don't see the old "DIY Small Panel Projector" thread here anymore (Was it that horrible!? A subtle hint, perhaps?). However, I noticed the "DIY Supposium" post is still here. Was the prior deleted? I'll trade ya! If I must! Politics, Politics, Politics...tsk, tsk, tsk.

I was busy with a family emergency and had to return from overseas. I saw it here, maybe 10 days ago. But, haven't been back since.

I would like to continue adding as the approach is different than the 'large panel' and the (uh-umm...oh! Excuse me) 'cheap video projector plans' versions.

Also, I'll have some pics of my projections soon that I would like to post and add to THAT thread to make it complete. Hopefully, before I head back out.

I'm upset, if it was deleted! There was a lot of material, useful, entertaining and otherwise. If there is a copy stored somewhere I would like it, thanks.

I can't find anything regarding the "MOVED" posts. Is there any info on the "MOVED" posts, issue somewhere?

I'm calling the internet police! I want answers! Heads will roll! Where's MY SANDBOX?!!!

~Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms...~

I think I'll make another thread here and call it "Flaky Small Panel Projectionists"!

We at SMALL PANEL salute you!,

PS. I have attached an interesting photo of me with my leaky-dog and my 21 year old sister (She has Cerebral Palsy, can't even talk!).
Can you imagine the world we live in?! Our dog is sooo difficult to maintain!!!


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The thread has been moved to the lcd panels forums.

Not all threads are marked as 'moved'. Some consistency would be good I agree, it didn't happen. I put "Moved" on some so that you guys would know stuff has been moved. I was going to pull the "Moved" words in a few days to keep things nice and clean.

I get the impression that this is all too hard, and that everything should just be pulled back into the one forum.
Thanks for the reply Jason.

It lives! But, I'm curious why it shouldn't be kept in the VIDEO MAIN section. You may consider my bias, but don't you feel it meets all criteria and is especially relevant to video. And, not merely a discussion of panels and the various types.

It is a thread that show's construction, link's and the conversation (albeit colorful) that is associated with this projection style. A projection style, different than the large panel threads, not unlike the TV projection nor laser projection, in that it is an alternative project to the main "permanent" thread.

A different device altogether is constructed that will project video. I think this sentence defines the VIDEO MAIN section. Logic would follow that the actions that have occured, as a defintion, would actually presume the talk to continue in the MainII thread, since it is a panel. However, I would implore you to not combine them because of the criss-crossed dialog that would ensue. This is one reason I started that thread.

I understand your dilemma and the desire to keep things following a logical path. I will leave the decision up to you. If you feel that the thread does not constitute a separate projection style or your choice of logical basis, I will concede and return to my niche.

I would however welcome an explanation, not only for myself, but for posterity. Some, even loose construct of logical heirarchy to the forum. So, I and perhaps another (now or in the future) will be able to follow those guidelines and add to the forum, knowing where the "proper" place is.

I understand all the work you put in here Jason and realize you are also searching for answers/feedback to how things should be implemented. Your intentions not biased. Merely seeking a solution to tidy things up.

I have not seen any other dramatic complaint's nor have I searched them out, with regards to the logical heirarchy being implemented.

I propose, simply that the thread be returned here. And, if I may be so bold, ask whether or not it should be deemed
a "permanent" thread. With a touch of spring cleaning, I think it would fit well, if not as it stands now. Let's have a look at the Main I thread, that has undergone "cleansing". But, maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Thank you for your attention. I lie in wait...
Hey, how 'bout my puzzle?! C'mon guuuys!

What was your conclusion Jason? What are your thoughts?:confused: Is the ignoring simply, school-yard tactics? Is this is a selfish endeavour of mine? Don't be shy, I'm a big-boy! I can handle your decision. If you want to put a fine point on it, that's fine!
C'mon Jas' you're our fearless leader!
Pretty-pretty please! With sugar on top!

Hey Gav! How you doin? :D How's the Interceptor going?
What's your slant on this? Do you think the "Small Panel Projector" thread should be listed back in the Video Main section? Or, is it only a thread that deals with panels? Or...?

Switches things on and off again
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It took me years. I could just remember the ship, and that it was 'rad', in the middle of a brainstorming session with some mates I remembered enough of the theme song to complete the title... though in my mind it's strangely melded with the theme from gilligans island...

But anyway, I'm getting slightly OT :)

Ignoring is nothing personal, I just take time to make important decisions. The light stuff is easy. I usually answer it in the wee small hours. And like now, as a small procrastination before I run out the door looking for a place to rent...

Nothing personal, I'll get back to you soon. Don't worry, there's a half dozen people in the same boat. I'd make a terrible mother.
Ahhh, no place like home!

Thanks Jason! Hope you were able to get your pad all situated. You always have a place to crash in Detroit! Your welcome to commute from here if you like. But, I think you'll have to change your profession to Qantas pilot. At least, you'll be safe until you get off the plane in Motown. Actually, we're not too crazy here anymore, but don't hold me (or Eminem, Insane Clown Posse) up as an example of that!;) Eminem's, got a flick coming out about Detroit this Fall. Called "8 MILE". Probably, won't make Detroit look too pretty.

You too Gav! Thanks for the wiki work. Duo and Superzoboo as well!

Have to send a pic of my mangled Interceptor to ya. Where did I put it?
Okay, 'nuff of my ramblin's.
Thanks again Jas'!
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