The Ultimate Pc 2.1 Speaker Project...........


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2003-03-17 4:30 am
My vote goes for a compact but great sounding system.
Start with a 2.1channel the Keiga KG-3100 from Madisound (US$150)

For a single driver system, the 9x5x7.75"
would do nicely.

But I think a two-way would be nicer-

The Vifa D26NC-55 compact neo tweeter (US$26), recently revealed by John Krutke in:
"The Vifa D26NC55 deserves mention as the best small flange neo tweeter I've ever tested, with performance that rivals the bigger and more expensive tweeters. Very low distortion, provided it's not crossed too low. If you need a very small tweeter, look no further."

4.5" suited for small box, like the ProAc Hexa sattelite-

8 1/2" (216mm) high
5 1/2" (140mm) wide
6" (152mm) deep

With 0.5" MDF this gives 2.85L. 3/4" is overkill, but 15mm will give 2.50L. Subtracting volume taken up by driver and adding apparent volume achieved by stuffing, final Vb will be

Of the 4.5" suited for tiny boxes, there are a few to choose from-
They're all good, but in different ways- so I'm not sure which one to would be the ideal pick.

Perhaps this is where the Peerless Exclusive 830881 comes in and wipes the floor with all of them (not to mention worldwide availability, like the SEAS)

For subwoofer- a long throw 8" with T/S suited for compact ported? No more than 1cu ft external dimensions, 3/4" MDF= ~19L.

John Krutke's already designed a 21L ported subwoofer utilizing the Peerless 8" XLS. Should not be too much of a stretch to mod it for the Keiga amp, but with only about 25W into 8ohms (loss of 8dB compared to his 150W design) and less bass boost, be closer to a max SPL of ~100dB/1m.

Luckily because it's at the computer we'll only be about 1m away. :smash:
You might try the CSS FR125 drivers in a sealed or vented box, I use a pair of WR125s as computer 'nearfield monitors' and I've never heard anything better in that application. The Jordans would work great too, just more expensive. If your budget doesnt allow that I'd use something like Zaphs' design for the Hivi B3N or the Aura NS3. With the speakers that close to your head, proper driver integration in a 2way is very difficult IMO.
tktran said:
My vote goes for a compact but great sounding system.
Start with a 2.1channel the Keiga KG-3100 from Madisound (US$150)

I was looking at those, and they don't appear to be 2.1 amps at all- just 0.1 (plate sub) amps. You'll still need an external amplifier for your small speakers, so I think we can find a cheaper plate amp at Parts Express. For example, this amp seems to have many of the same features and 100 watts of power for only $80.

I have some NS3s playing now, but need a compact amp to power them near the computer. If I can get 50-100 watts to them and a real crossover to a real subwoofer, I think it would be a really good PC system.

Any ideas on amplification?