The SSSS - single speaker stereo with subwoofer


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2008-07-17 8:47 am
Inspired by the great results of my 3FE22 SSS implementation, I decided to build a tower version with built in amplification and a mono bass unit. The amplification will be most probably the Zoudio 4ch amp. I plan to keep the width and extend the height so that the FR speakers are at seated ear level. I need to calculate the available front baffle space and volume. The bass unit will play below 200 Hz (+-) and could be actually a bandpass design, so that the speaker is hidden inside.

Some reference links:
I made a band pass sub with two 5.25in Tang Band sub drivers in a tall format that may work for you. Would have to recalculate with driver of your choice but you get the idea.
I built a couple very very similar to these to use as subs for a battery system, imo they sound great, been running them for a few years now. People are often surprised at the Spl from only 4 5 inch drivers! The peak in response above the passband does need taming with parametric though... Paired with a couple of dual 3" mid tops with dome tweeter.
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