"The Rocket" exists !!!! like it or not ;-)))

grantnsw said:
"ground control to Major Tom" haha, why not NASA white? Is that the ubiquitous CW2136 there again? hey Andy, I thought your next project was going to be OB?

Next project is the all OB, now !! This one sort of jumped the queue !!

Bass unit is actually the CW2137.. 10". same as in Blackwood.
Mids are GR M-130-16's . Seas 27TDFC tweeter
Rockets rear end !!!

Pic of the rear of rocket showing how the U-frameis organised. You can see the bevelling behind the mids, the hinge hatch where the x-0 will reside eventually in its own separate compartment. The wires you see actually thread through into the x-o compartment.
This is an interesting way of doing things because you can access the x-o without affecting the bass driver, it also adds a large amount of stiffening to the bass cabinet.

You can also see that I have to rotate one of the mids by 180 degrees so both terminals are on the same side... doh !!!


and thanks crs1 :cool:

and all you other guys :p :D
Re: Re: Rockets rear end !!!

Brett said:
Unusual, perhaps not my cup o' cha but your woodwork is so much better than mine!

Leave them as they are; cancels out even harmonic cable distortion.

I accept, with all my designs , that they will not be everyone's cup of tea. But rectangular boxes are not mine.. so all's fair !! :cool:

As for the harmonic cable distortion..... welll... I have to admit..... it is not something I had considered !!! :cannotbe:


2006-12-30 2:01 pm
Oh I am confused! I thought that the "Rocket" is the latest Reference speaker of the germany DIY Speaker community "HIFI SELBSTBAU"

Link to ROCKET

An active 4 Way Speaker project which seems to be High End. The guys from HIFI Selbstbau are well-known in Germany (europe) for the DIY projects (like Mindstorm Project for Monacor, MA1+2, TRIO and so on).

Just as Info....the design is also...little strange 80s style :)