The remote control paratactic volume control

The very good control type,it can better than R2R control type.


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Hi Hugh,

From memory (1990), I managed to track down an alps agent in Australia. They had to be specified by a code that would do an eye chart justice - and I waited a few weeks for the production and delivery. They were 50K but had some crosstalk which improoved dramatically when I wrapped them in a (rubbing) copper box and earthed it. Using a 10K would lower crosstalk by 14 dB.

They may be more available from Taiwan, HK, or Singapore as an off the shelf these days.

Trust that helps. I could do with one.
Sorry but i just noticed your image. Iam not a big fan of having the volume control ONLY on the output (or in the middle). While having the volume control not on the input increases the noise performance it degrades the distortion. Your input stages are going to be swinging large voltages compared to a circuit with a volume control on the input. I guess its one trade off for another, designer's preference