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Please show off things you re-purposed.

Stainless steel is my metal of choice when using it if weight isn't a concern. The inner flanges on these barbecue doors accepts .75" BB perfectly. I'm turning these into an amplifier stand. Then breaking out my 3M polishing kit for the mirrored effect. Looks like they could make great floors for DIY amp kits as is.

I know, I should of completed them first (gets overzealous lol) I suppose now this makes me obligated.

Have you any r-epurposed audio related "junk", lets see it? :D


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Cool beans :cool:

Mines 99% there. I wont weld it otherwise I cant have the ply locked inside without burning it (homer simpson moment). A couple small screws in the centre will lay it nice and flat.

I like looks and its nice and weighty at 17 lbs. I cant wait to get rid of that carper after painting and treating the room. I swear it gets uglier every time I look at it :eek:


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Someone at work gave the fish tank.
Oak came from a discarded dining table.
Output transformers were rescued from an eco-cycle dumpster. Was from a Dynaco ST-70. Transformer was gapped for SE use. Only covers above 150hz so no worries about not enough inductance.

Various other parts like rectifiers and a few resistors pulled from Cisco router power supplies.
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I made a gainclone about 11 years ago. I didn't have a chassis for it so I made one out of recycled Fujitsu Mainframe parts and a bit of MDF. It's rough but does the trick.

The heatsink was off a power supply for the mainframe. The aluminium was cut from the base of a CPU carrier (the cpu's are a work of art!! https://www.flickr.com/photos/thorton/152306922/in/photolist-esBxq-4jxzau-f8fm6, https://www.flickr.com/photos/thorton/2178927266/in/photolist-esBxq-4jxzau-f8fm6 and https://www.flickr.com/photos/thorton/159844989/in/photolist-esBxq-4jxzau-f8fm6 ) I also used an IEC connector out of an old PC powersuply as well as the mains switch. The MDF base was an offcut.

The rest was purchased.



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Interesting case for a tube amp daqvin. I bet it looks even better with no back lights only tubes lit up

What is a gainclone? I like build you did on yours, very cool. I thought it was a power supply of some kind until I seen the rcas and speaker posts.

I made a case for a sub amp but its not nearly as nice, MDF with a stainless top. I might not want to show that off lol or I might. It was meant to serve a purpose at least it does that nice.
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Gainclone is a misused term generally used to describe a chipamp. The original concept I believe was a clone of the 47 labs gaincard, which was a very minimalistic amplifier based on a national semiconductor chipamp (perhaps LM3875??)

Mine is a p2p LM3886 based one. full details of the build on my blog here http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/blogs/wintermute/134-construction-p2p-lm3886-gainclone-part-1.htmland here http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/blogs/wintermute/135-construction-p2p-lm3886-gainclone-part-2.html

Found an old tool box in my shed and made a portable boom box/test fixture with it. (Note the rusty latch)

Got burned a couple of times buying speakers without hearing them. I can connect external speakers to this unit and test them on site. A toggle switch transfers the output of the amp to speaker wire connectors and disconnects the internal drivers so I can test potential shelf fillers at home..


Nice tool box. What is the make and model of the mini drivers?

Thanks again daqvin, I will get to some reading.

They used to build some good plates here. This ones modest and not high power maybe 50W but its nice and punchy on a range of subs. Last were dual 8" 4 ohm JBL comp. subs paralleled. It took plenty of cranking on no sweat. I'd like to hot rod it and upgrade to slightly larger newer caps + larger transformer. It works great (once its powered up) but needs some attention. I set them up with 3a speakers before Reference 3A. also made here during a past era. Simple inexpensive and sounded great.

I suppose you could call this recycling, or not. Certainly not artistry. How about misc. box.


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Thankyou. I did more metal work recycling a wood and foam core steel exterior door for an interior sound room. I hung the same kind of door on room in the past only it was much easier to do so pre-sized, yea. I had to cut 4 1/2" out of this one. What I thought would be a two hour job turned into more like five+. Not including the door jam thats next. In the end it should be a big plus for acoustics trapping air/sound in both directions also making bass easier to tame.

And almost had to recycle a Canada goose.


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Adding, tring to imporove. Now serves double duty. The top makes a good amp stand sitting on the floor, heavy sturdy baltic birch and laminate encased in the steel. The steel is tough, I dulled a few new titanium bits on that, testing low and higher rpm. Looks decent. It still has to be cleaned up. after all its past life was spent on a busy bbq. A good thing is there are no dents dings or gouges andwhee its clean. Moving on to the post, its not sonos its better, much stronger and has more layers. Fill with lead shot if you prefer, and I happen to. With fill table it will come in over 100lbs. its about 80 lbs dry weight. Thats after adding two inch treated maple bloc. That looks nicer and work better, it will look better. The double layer 1/4 rubber foam gets squished between thick plate steel. I did have some direction and thought heavy architecture is at times very rigid and strong but it has some sort of dampening point to dissipate a collection of vibration working as a controlled shock absorber. Its proven to be effective. The table does a good job holding things up, the stereo sounds good so therefor Im ok with it. If someone with golden ears wanted to test the other function they are welcome.


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