The pin identify for replace the clock

:confused: I am going to replace the clock which in the Denon DVD-player _DVD5000 with the LCaudio LCXO2. But I cant found the datasheet from Denon about the chip even from Panasonic semicon.... Yes! It using the Panasonic transport and chip set.

Is there have any method to find out the pin for XTI? I found that most of the pin for the XTI of the chip usally at the left side and the pin no. should smaller than the XTO (clock out). Is that the root?

Connect two 1M resistors from the points XI and XO to ground. Then switch on power and measure the DC voltage on the 1M resistors. The one reading 0V or close is XI and the one reading +5V or close is XO.
{Explanation: the Cmos inverter can easely drive the 1M resistor. The other resistors ground the input of the inverter. By logically invert the low level you get high level out}
:eek: Oooo.... Is that means I have to connect 2 IM resistance on the both side for the crstal then measure the voltage right?

Will it make the chip damage?

And there have the 01.Uf connect the crstal to the ground. I know I have to solder out them before install the LCXO.

But how about measure with the 1M? Do I remove them first?


2001-09-05 1:54 pm
Look the LCClock 0x2 and u will find OUT , GND and '' TEST '' ! The '' TEST'' is w/o cable ! If u not sure which pin it is just connect the TEST and GND into the DAC Xin and Xout (any pins will do ) ! If your CD player can read CD that meant u connect at the right pin ! ( It can't play music while u connect the TEST and GND pin) ! Replace the TEST with the OUT then ....... your player start singing !
Happy NY !