The PAK-PAK speaker


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2015-12-16 2:00 pm
This fullrange loudspeaker is intended for the most poor.
To try it out a quick "prova", find a 2" speaker that makes pak-pak when you tap on the diaphragm (fs about 80hz).Ones, that come along desktop computers are ok.Buy 1.5m of PVC sanitary tube with a diameter of 2".Slot a grouve at 1m with a hand saw and widen it with a half-round fine to sit the speaker upon the cylinder.The sides remain open! No problem,tailor thick cardboards or playing cards to close them and fix altogether with adhesive tape ,having the wires out from the short end.On the other end ,stuff a piece of tissue or a ball of toilet paper and close it with a tea mug or a cap. Roll a T shirt or a table napkin and stuff it in the short side, along the wires.
Install this high-end with tea mug component, in a corner of a room,with the open side firing the corner at about 20cm height ,two books to sit upon will do and fix it to the walls with adhesive tapes.At the speaker,fix two cardboards or playing cards to join the side walls forming a flat plane with the speaker. Now ,be ready to get surprised.
Of course ,A wedge box, made of plywood, to house the speaker fixed in the corner ,with a tube made of rolled roving fiberglass/polyester of 5-6 layers, will suit better a 2"magnesium diaphragm, Tand Band speaker .