The official motor regulator circuit

motor regulator circuit

I have done this from a motor regulator for a turntable of mine, it has switchable 33 and 45 rpm, to a dc motor.

I haven't strictly drawn it correct, there MAY be errors, the first transistor is actually a fet, and I hope I have them connected the right way, but if anyone cleverer than me sees any errors, please correct them.


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BTw, its the reg. from a slightly earlier oigrin live psu, the advanced version.
A later ultra version has slightly more transistors, some paralled.

Motor for dc 100 is maxon 110189, a max range, 7 watt with 1.2ma start up current. 36 volts nominal 26 mm in diameter

at a guess dc200 is re max range, 226779, 9 watt.

The first terminal of the jfet attached to the input of the psu is actually the source.

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2004-08-16 8:01 pm
Origin Live power supply

Re the Origin Live power supply drawings they give no resister values, the details on what particular diodes, thyristors etc., etc., are absent-it is my intention to build an Origin Live power supply, without the missing details it will be dificuilt, to say the least.

Should anybody have any details regarding the missing information and/or the latest incarnation of the Origin Live power supply I would be most grateful.
Are you sure you drew this correctly? The C3 concerns me - could be stability issue within loop. And does motor current return to select, or to ground?

Why not just use a regulator chip? Like an LM2941 or LT1129? These are pretty low noise and have adjustable versions. They combine the PNP and all other stuff (including reference) inside. Very easy to use.