The most powerful amplifier for my application

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3 questions:

I search for the most powerful amplifier in ONE package?
(I know that there is parallel and bridge modes but I want to know what is the reference of the most powerful amplifier.)

It is to build a 2*200W(without distortion) to 2*300W amplifier (for 200W speakers).

I thought: 2 TDA7293 in parallel and/or bridge mode.

Can I have 200W with 2*TDA7293 in parallel mode?

700$ ?!?

It's very expensive for me!

I forgot to give you the price: up to 200€ (so approximately up to 200$)

So, I probably chose 3*TDA7293 in parallel. (But what about the bridge mode?)

I took a look on the UCD modules, they are very interesting but can I bought them in France? or it is only by internet?

@ RCBandwidth: Have you got a diagram of a "HI-FI" application with the PA03? (I want only to know how we can do an application with this part) And how about cooling with this?

Thanks for your answers....

I'd go for the stk4050v's, just finally finished my amp /w 4 of them.

Good news, they can put out a ton of power. Bad news, I toasted the voice coil on my 8 ohm 15" vega. Even though I was sad for the loss, I was impressed my amp toasted a 500W RMS / 1000PK sub after a few minuites.

I was running 2 bridged stk's to each channel, +/- 80V rails (switchable to +/- 40 by button in my PS for normal lower power use.) My advice if you use them is make sure you have good heatsinking /w forced air cooling if you run high rail voltages.

I figure rough estimate power while bridged, 160V / (8ohm sub + 4 ohm amp int) = 13.3A*160V= 2130Watts peak, so maybe half that rms possible or so. I guess that explains toasting the sub, even though I was keeping the volume down to prevent bottoming it.

good luck.
I'd help you out if I knew more about bridging, but while I was testing my amp I was just cheating to bridge it. As you probably know, to bridge 2 channels of an amp, you need the signal to one channel inverted and the other channel regular phase, and connect your speaker across the output of both channels.

For since my amp was 4 channel, 2 channels were standard and 2 inverted. to get the signals I used my laptop playing music in Winamp. I ran a DSP plugin that allows you to invert one channel, so my left channel was standard and right inverted, that's how I 'bridged' my amp for testing, and then connected each speaker to a left and a right channel. Next I will have to find out how to invert the signal internally in the amp... Upon searching stk4050v in the forum I'm pretty sure one of the few topic results had details on an easy way to bridge the modules using the output of one stk4050 to feed the other channel.

If you find anything on an easy preamp that provides a regular and inverted output, let me know.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.