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The Loudspeaker Kit Christmas Clearance

Hi guys, The Loudspeaker Kit has a few offers for you all this December.

Offer 1.
Purchase any tower speaker or surround package and receive a FREE pair of M4 kits!
Offer valid to 24 December 2007.

Offer 2.

Don't want to buy a kit because you can't be bothered building it? We have a selection of kits which have already been glued together. Some have 6 or 10mm rounded edges while other are square. All you need to do is give them a quick sand before you finish them. All these kits are avaialbe at the standard kit price.

Here is what I have available.

1 x C6 - $599 each

1 x C6 routed edge - $599 each

2 x C5 routed edge - $349 each

2 x TL6 - $1199 pair

1 x S250 - $999 each

4 x M6 routed edge - $599 pair

2 x M4 routed edge - $199 pair

Please remember, these kits built but not finished. You will still need to cover the speaker in whatever finish you would like.

Offer 3.

On offer is a range of display speakers which are built and sprayed in assorted colours. Most are clearing out at close to kit prices!!!

Gold M6 MKII's - $699 pair(speaker stands not included)
Red M6 MKII's - $699 pair(sorry I don't have a better pic, but these speakers look awesome!)
Ford GT orange and purple TL6's - $1199 pair
Ford GT orange S350 - $1299 each
Ford GT purple D4's - $199 each
Ford GT C6 - $599 each

Holden SS green F6's - $1199 pair

ALL QUERIES TO [email protected]