the little guy,, to sub or not to sub

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Looking for some input, I am knee deep in my first full range/near field desktop build utilizing a Mark Audio alpair6 in a Planet10 mMar-ken6 modified design.

A have a feeling I'm going to want a sub but would rather not if I dont have to.. I know what you're going to say, wait till I'm done and decide for myself, problem is, I'm inpatient;)

Searched several different ways and there is not much posted on completed small subs.

I like the CSS sdx7 using planet10 slot port design, matches the look of my fullranges.

and I like the Anarchy sub,, no info on box designs though,, : Intro » Home » Exodus Subwoofers »

or on the cheaper side, which is always nice,,


I would probably use this amp,

Dayton SA70 70W Subwoofer Amplifier |

Any thoughts on my indecisive perplexities??
Using a subwoofer will take the strain off the FR drivers anyway, so I'd expect the sound to improve when a subwoofer is added and the FRs crossed over.

For a nearfield build, I'd use a sealed cabinet with enough eq to get low. You don't need it to be really loud if you're sat nearby.


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Well, if I ever get around to it, a large, low Fs, high Qts woofer mounted to a baffle attached to the backside of the desk makes the most sense to me. Someone beat me to it though, but can't find the link ATM as I see no way to search my subscribed threads, so maybe he will respond or others will post it.

Note that you don't need to start with such specs since being in the near-field allows mass loading to lower Fs, raise Qts, so it just needs to be one with enough Xmax which usually means a >12" woofer.

Little bit of anarchy


Earlier this week mkravchenko provided me with the design for a ~1 cu. ft. Anarchy sub. You could PM him if interested.

I do like the look of the slotted SDX7 box, planning to build CHR-KENs, so am in the same boat as you... but I have 4 Anarchy already.

Build a sub.

What else did anyone think I'd say....:D

About a year ago, I designed a nice little tapped horn for the Anarchy. Details are at AVSForum, there was also some discussion at AudioKarma in the Insubnia thread. The efficiency is close to where you'll be with the Alpair at 86 dB, and the cabinet has a f3 of 25 Hz. It is about 3 cubic feet when done, but is a narrow cabinet. I plan to tuck one underneath my desk when I get around to it.....
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.