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We bought a Subaru and part of the package was 4 tickets to the local drag races here in Western Washngton state. Just the rib cage rattling I took as one of these passed the stands, I'd have to say No - I cant imagine being in proximity of that engine for the whole 6 seconds (or whatever - maybe it was "3") it's running WFO.

The engine tech sure has advanced - like comparing a Krell FPB 600 to a Phase Linear 400...

When I was a kid, me and my friends took our motorcycles to the local strip. Took off the mufflers, replaced with straight pipes - we thought it was cool to turn 15s - my buddy, lighter and on a faster bike, could turn 14s. We ran together a couple of times which was fun. The stager knew what he was doing; I'd go first and my buddy would pass me just at the 1/4 mile mark.

I quickly learned to put my rear tire just off the big, thick strip of rubber laid down by all the other cars, in order to get it to spin. One unexpected wheelie ruined a run for me...
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