The Inner Light Theory of Consciousness

Found the following book....

Managed to read through "A longer overview of the The Inner Light Theory"

Lots to think about and also from audiophile perspective: )

Some samples...

".....We instinctively believe that the mind is an observer of the physical world; we seem to be directly aware of objects and events external to ourselves. But the Inner Light theory tells us that this is not true; everything that we perceive and experience has been created for us by manipulating information. And the perpetrator of this act is none other than our own brain......"

".....The problem is, experiments clearly show that we cannot possibly see what we think we see. For instance, the human eye is blind in quite large areas of its field-of-view, a result of blood vessels and the optic nerve disrupting the surface of the retina. Even more dramatic, experiments show that humans are often unable to detect large-scale changes in the scenes they are viewing, a phenomenon known as change blindness. In short, much of what we seem to see does not correspond to the physical world around us, but has been created from within ourselves. This is strong evidence that at least some aspects of the "subreality machine" are active when we are awake....."