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The inevitable bad news...

First Paul and then I have, since the founding of wildburro, held firm to the commitment for value driven hifi. Not once in nearly a decade has WildBurro increased the cost of our drivers. Unfortunately, prices for components has not been so kind.

Regretfully, (reasonable) price increases are arriving.

Betsy will be $110/pair. BetsyK will be $120/pair.

Thanks, and hopefully we can continue to serve you.


$110.00 a pair is still a screaming bargain for these drivers ..... :cool:

While I was in my "experimental stage" deciding on which drivers I would be offering in the speakers I build for my customers, I constructed a pair of baffles with a pair of Betsy drivers and another 8" full range driver which cost four times as much. I set them up with toggle switches to be able to change drivers on the fly .....

I invited a trusted friend over (who loves music and has an excellent pair of ears) and sat him in the listening seat. I played a familiar tune for him through the Betsy drivers and then told him we would listen to the same tune via the "good" drivers. Fifteen seconds into the song, he looked at me and said "you're kidding, right ?"

I just smiled, because I knew what he was going to say. The more expensive drivers were more "detailed", but were way behind in the ability to make music. I have never looked back. The Betsy drivers make music, pure and simple. They work well with decent sand amps and really sing with vacuum tubes. They work well with modest front end equipment and can be mind blowing with a top shelf front end, analog or digital .....

Some experimentation with the enclosure (or baffle size in my situation) can produce a very musical and satisfying loudspeaker for a bargain basement price. The visitors to my little storefront are almost always blown away at all of the music produced by "those little speakers" powered by a 2 watt per channel amplifier in the main listening area (35' x 17' with an 11.5' ceiling) ... :bigeyes:

Happy listening,


I already own a pair of BetsyK that I will soon be using in an OB set-up with bass support below 250Hz.(FAST system). I ordered the K version because no regular Betsy were available when I placed my order a while ago.

Considering that the BetsyK won't have to produce any bass below 250Hz, is there a sonic difference between the standard Betsy vs the Betsy K ?

Considering that the BetsyK won't have to produce any bass below 250Hz, is there a sonic difference between the standard Betsy vs the Betsy K ?

Well, even if they were identical from 250 Hz - up, their LF roll offs will be different due to their differing Qt, so there should be some tonal difference.

Speaking of which, the red line with its higher roll off [upper mass] corner frequency [~2*Fs/Qts] and extended HF is listed as the Betsy, but it's listed as having the higher Qts, which is contrary to the norm, so very curious about this or is one or the other mislabeled: Wild Burro Audio Labs - Fullrange Speakers - The Betsy & Betsy-K Drivers