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I have a pair of speaker already bridged removed from an old samsung TV. As they look good for me, I like to build a wood box to re-use it. As I am more carpenter than an electronician. I like to know what should be the internal volume requested for an ideal wood-box.

Hear are the specifications found for those drivers

3001-001107 Samsung Speaker, ;20W,8OHM,95DB,1300HZ
3001-000279 Samsung Speaker, 30W, 8OHM, 91DB, 20HZ
capacitor 100v 2.2uf ( the crossover )
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I don't think anybody can help you with such, as the information about your speakers isn't sufficient. Can you please tell us what size the little woofer is and if possible post pictures.
I'm guessing it is about 4 or 5 inches and if it is a sealed box of about 5 liters may be a safe bet
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There are / were SO many types of speakers for TVs that without a picture it is difficult to make and better suggestion than a smallish sealed box.

Foam surrounds, paper surrounds, rubber surrounds, paper cone, poly cone round, oval, even a square one in an old TV I ripped apart years ago
All of them different and all pretty d' *** bad as far as Hi Fi goes
Here are some photos


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Also a double chamber reflex, where the 2nd chamber is double volume than the 1st ( they are in series), may bring some betterment to the classic TL.
The woofer has the volume of the 1st chamber as the real acoustic load, so
a faster response in the mid-low frequencies, and it's not influenced by the
larger resonances that happen in the 2nd chamber, which is tuned at lower frequency than the 1st.
Below Fs the woofer sees the two chambers as one, above it it 'sees' only the 1st, well stuffed.
I am impress by all the discussion found under my first concern. It is already useful for me as I found a spreadsheet to help me in designing the box. I will also read more about thing you write. (a tall old fashioned transmission line type speaker or Voight pipe, ...a double chamber reflex )

I have no specific usage at that time for those speaker; but as I like to get a small lamp amplificator. It will be my first step. I am not looking for the big bang box but simply for for the one that can offer a good earing.

Here is a first draft for a 6 liter Canadian maple box made with boxycad2 (a nice tools)

Thanks everyone !


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