The Greater Ottawa and Environs DIY Audio 2016 Get together.

2016 DIY Audio Ottawa Gathering

All DIYers are invited to this event. There will be a range of gear and music to listen to in a casual atmosphere.

At the General Burns Park and Community Centre
107 Chesterton Drive (86 Argue Drive)
This is east of Merivale Road, and south of Meadowlands Drive!3m1!1s0x4cce0655ac222cb5:0x841c6e3ad6747351


Saturday 9 April from 9:30 am to 8 pm or so

Schedule to be announced in ten days or so.

Brown bag lunch (there is a fridge to keep food and beverages cold).

Pizza or Subway sandwich dinner.

How much: A $10 fee to cover rental of the room. This is a not-for-profit event.

Parking is free and close by. Right beside the building.

Bring your music you want to hear on the systems. We will be able to play anything connectable via USB be it a stick or a hard drive, Or optical media like a CD or SACD. There will be a turntable available after 4:00pm.

Who will be there: Old timers and new comers. Feel free to drop by.

Justin (jjrh88) created a Google group for signing up equipment and talks.

What will be there:

Two listening rooms will be used with organizers providing a "baseline system" in each, to swap your gear into.

Each system will include an amp, pre-amp, DAC, and a digital source (CD or PC) and at least one will have a turntable.

Headphones and at least one headphone pre-amp for comparative listening. It has one input and four headphone outputs.


Grant Marshall Pi7 Speakers with required amps/ etc.

Pierre Lavoie EAR 859 Tube Integrated Kit

Dave Dal Farra JR149 Speakers, Napoleon Speaker Redesigns, Hypex NC400+SMPS1200

Mark Kravchenko Horn Loaded two ways and sub all self amplified.

Tyler Elliott USB DAC

John Kucharski Kef TL speaker circa 1980, LME49810 based power amp

Justin Hornosty LM3886 XY board, Cheap DAC

And wait.... There's more!


Grant Explains the setup of his system and his three way crossover.
Tyler Explains his latest creation, USB DAC
Mark Horn Loudspeaker Design Q/A

The plan of the day:

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2004-09-22 3:19 am
OK Gents.

May this be the best one ever.

Posts about the new meeting for the coming year can be made here.

Be there or be square ( Oh do you have to be old enough to know what that means!)


I spoke at length with Pierre right after the last get together and we agreed on a few ideas to maybe make the event even better.

Will bring white boards and flow charts (not) to the lunch (but will table ideas)
Nice to see more members calling in.

There are many more that have not given their availability.

Everyone that knows a friend or member of the DIY community might do well to get out the call to arms.

Lets make this one one of the best.

That means we need as many people as possible.

You need not be building or bringing anything.

You need an interest in audio. We have a great core of people that have things both new and old that sound awesome.

If I am around I will be bringing some interesting toys.

As for horns.

There is a set of back loaded horns that will be coming.

And most likely a set of two way coaxial front loaded horns that will be coming.

Might cobble together another front loaded horn subwoofer to!

We haven't shook up the place for a year or so....
Looking forward to it Mark. I picked up a ClassD Audio 4 channel with 300 watts RMS per channel. I'm likin' it very much.

Have you got the horns veneered or are they "project level" still?


The horns are a triple set.

And are to be painted flat black.

There is a second set that will be veneered.


2004-09-22 3:19 am
I'll bring the ClassD along for sure.

It's only about 25 pounds which is a lot more than the T-amps but sure isn't what other classes of amp would be to move around. Like the Emotiva 7 channel. 100 pounds.

I'm currently building a Hypex NC400 stereo amp and the smps makes it a fly weight, so I know what you mean. If I have it done, I'll bring that along too.

But I'm not as ambitious as Mark, it may be ready in '17 :)
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