The Flying V, Cal style

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Altec 604-8H and CSS SD 15.

More pics soon.


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Not an ideal shape/configuration from the point of view of baffle diffraction roll-off...

Also coaxials with the horn placed in front of the cone ,may produce of course some diffraction problems ,but that happens even when the (moving) membrane is used as a waveguide for the compression driver .
Nobody's perfect ! I expect the drum attack at least sounds good ...;)

They can double up as beer barrels! Coooool!

Funny you say that, the first plan was to go to the Garden centre and get a couple of those oak barrels cut in half as planters but for some strange reason they don't have those at this time of year. ;)

Wow, i like the octagonal enclosures with the semi-open back coaxes.

That's some thing I think I picked up from planet10. The holes are an effort to reduce the boxy sound without actually removing the back. Seems to work well. I can run them without the woofer and they sound just fine. No lack of bass, just lack of depth.

The V-shaped stands are a nice touch also.

Thanks, even my wife liked them. First time she took even the slightest interests in a project. And they were designed elixir free. Just looking for something different and I found it. I had no idea there was a guitar with the same name designed some 50 years ago in a very similar shape until I googled Flying V. Not kidding.

How's the sound ?

Very nice. I would like to hear them in a larger room though where they can do their thing. Also, I have them on the updated stock XO's and I'm wondering if maybe trying them active to see how I like them.
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They are horn loaded and the cabinet shape is more complex than a cylinder. So following the direct omni radiator on a cylinder's side diffraction math is not a certainty especially mid high. By measurement will show. Since it is subjectively smooth must be better than worries. Good craftsmanship Cal. Congrats.
Not too bad actually. It's quite high pitched. Believe it or not, those wedges (cleats) were the hardest part of the whole project. You'd think you could run a 1X4 through the saw and be done with it right? No such luck, they were a real struggle.

I have noticed a flaw in the design though. I think I have to reinforce the woofer stand. There is enough flex in the woofer v's that there is a slight fore and aft movement of the box itself. Perhaps I can do a little stiffening without taking away from the visual effect. I am really pleased how they turned out and I couldn't wait to share them here with other like minds. Sometimes when you go from paper to reality something is lost. Not so here. They are bigger than they appear in the pics I think. The satellites come up to my chest and the woofer is big enough for a child to have a pretend pony ride. All in all well worth the effort.

Now about finishing them...Hmm...?
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