The first Wall Fonken??


2007-12-06 7:03 pm
Thanks.. what kind of details are you looking for? its .5 inch maple ply, and the port strips are sapepe. the driver is the little 4.5 inch pioneer from partsexpress. I have no idea what to expect, and it was made from all scrap material.. so if it sounds like junk.. then oh well.. no biggie.
Over on the Full Range Forum we were talking about wall mounted Fonkens, so i quicjly threw togther a couple concepts... i have a 3rd version gestating.

the 1st one....


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Before we build any i'll go thru are least 1 more design iteration. I have learned some tricks from speakers that have been built since then.

Jeremy decided to try out the older concept (we discussed V3 but he knew i wasn't going to be quick enuff for him). His build -- even with a different driver -- will give some valuable feedback & info i think. And so far it does show that the aesthetics are top notch



2007-12-06 7:03 pm
So here are a few more shots of the speakers.

Testing set up - fonkens/DSC_3962.jpg

close up - fonkens/DSC_3958.jpg

another test shot - fonkens/DSC_3957.jpg

the first impressions of these speakers are actually very, very good. I am actually quite suprised. They seem to be a little bright, but i kind of thought they would be. i have not put anything in the back of the boxes, no damping or felt. As you can see i am just running it with my little CSW sub, but the combination of the 2, seems to be great. i can turn the sub off and get a wonderful sound presence. i suppose with the speakers a bit farther apart, the stage would be widened, but even at this stage, i am very suprised. When i turn the bass up, it really comes to life. I had originally thought of putting these on either side of a flat panel tv on the wall, and i think with a bass module hidden on the floor, it would really be nice. I need to track down some felt and see how much that helps.

Thanks Dave for the info, I hope i have helped in some way to further the progress. I will post more comments when i finalize the boxes.
JeremyB said:
Hey everyone.. after reading a few posts.. and "having" (wanting) a need fo some wall mount speakers.. and really liking the designs of the fonken family... i looked into building a set of wall fonkens off a sketch from Dave. After a few trial and errors, i came up with this. Its not quite done, still some felt lining and the wiring of the 4.5 inch pioneer drivers.. but i thought you all would like a look.
i will post more tomorow. Drivers installed, wired (hopefully) and backs in place.

You may be the only person to have built a wall Fonken but I didn't find any conclusion to this thread - did they work, how did you like them ?