The Crazy Mexican

Hi folks, spanish speaker here, I'm not very good at writing in English
always helping me with Google translator.

Here are a lot of smart people with great ideas and a strong desire for cooperation really awesome!

I've always been fascinated with the speakers, in fact I think it's a fetish for me.
As a child I built baffles in shoeboxes, (50 years old now) and since then I've made dozens of designs then destroyed them to build another one: new and better.

I had a crazy dream long ago, a crazy hypothesis and I have long been trying to explain it to myself and then structuring everything logical and understandable, well supported. These affirmations will be disaggregated into my next posts.

My projects.

---- Passive radiator for Open Baffle.
---- Sigle Baffle with Real Stereo Separation.

What I want to prove:

---- Low frequencies are more localizable of what is believed.
---- The "other factor" in Crosstalk with Baffles.
---- The lateral waves are better for sound localization.

From Chihuahua Mexico Saludos a todos !!!
Crazy Mexican.


2003-02-11 9:02 am
Whoa! I didn't know Chihuahua is a city!


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