The Christmas 2019 H2 giveaway! (and BAF fundraiser)

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EDIT - 08:21 MST 5 DEC 19 They are all spoken for. Thank you all! The last round of emails will go out in the next hour or so.

Nelson packaged up a number of the new H2 generators for distribution at Burning Amp fest this year, but during the crazy busyness of the raffle they got forgotten.

So the Burning Amp crew shipped them to me and I'll distribute them to anybody who wants one! (And yes, I'll make a build guide :yes:)

Here's the deal;

I will put them into small padded envelopes and send them to you. All you need to do is cover postage. Domestic US will be $4, and international will be some number more, but I'm not exactly sure yet, probably $10-$12)

Send me funds to cover postage (PayPal only) and I'll send you an H2. :) Nothing more is required.

However, if you want to send more, any additional money will be donated to the operating fund of Burning Amplifier Festival 2020 and beyond. Volunteer events like this need two things to survive, a strong core of officers and volunteers to organize, plan and run the actual event behind the scenes, and sufficient funds in the account to cover the expenses of the event. We have a great group of tireless and enthusiastic people, here's a chance to give a few bucks to help out for next year.

If you want one (and only one per person :) ) please PM me with the following;

Forum name
and your name and post address formatted in a way that it will get to you via standard post. (and I can copy/paste into my label maker)



Oscar G Rouch
1234 Capitol Ave
San Juan, 1A2B3C

When I get that I will send you an email with more information.

Thank you,


Nelson's article about the updated H2 -



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This might be just what I need to help understand why certain amps really make me smile. Age, tinnitus and hearing loss in various frequency bands leads me to doing real time A-B tests as the simple way to remove subjectivity in gear choices and combinations and I probably can only hear major differences. I'll be applying H2 to my restored old SS amps that sound "lifeless" (they might still sound lacking), I'll apply too much H2 with a couple of tube pre-amps just to try to hear it, I can A-B my go-to Parasound P5 pre-amp and others. I'd like to put external controls on the project box and maybe a voltage this the idea? I might be Captain Obvious...but some here will wonder why have such a device and how it can be helpful...including me in the device applications. Can others add to the list of possible uses? Please exclude the unintended or more esoteric uses like martini coaster, ninja weapon, short circuit generating device...;)

Thanks Nelson!
Thanks Jim!
Thanks Everyone!


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Interest has been off the charts and absolutely overwhelming! I expect to see lots of photos very soon of build H2's in your systems! :) :) :)

I'm getting very close to the end of the kits (there were about 75 in total, and I got about 20 in today's mail) and for the time being will go and package up and label what I've gotten so far.

IF you have received an email from me then you will get one. If not, hang tight. If you sent me a PM after 9:20PM Mountain time (US MST) you are currently on the cusp. If much after that, you are in the waiting pool. Priority has been exactly in the order that I have received your PMs.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.