the Burning Amp 2016 t-shirt artwork thread

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As many of you may recall, t-shirts have been available for sale at Burning Amp each of the past years. These have often been bold red t-shirts with black and/or white designs and the yellow and black BURNING AMP logo.

This year presents some new opportunities, and I thought I would throw the t-shirt design out to the "crowd" for feedback and ideas. This gives everyone not just a chance to comment but an opportunity to CREATE THE NEW T-SHIRT DESIGN YOURSELF! This is not a competition, but I would love to get a few different ideas submitted by those of you who have an artistic bent or know a graphic artist, and might want to spend 30 minutes on creating something fun.

I will throw out one example of a new and different t-shirt idea. It's a color design on a short sleeved white t-shirt (see attached). I tried to capture the "burning" theme using color, and some imagery. There could be additional text, for instance on the front pocket with this image on the back of the shirt. If done with single sided printing these could be sold for just $10. This is not final by any means, but since no one wants to go first so I did us all that favor. :D

Please feel free to post respectful feedback on this design and any others that are posted in this thread. My hope is that this thread will "crowd source" the new design for the Burning Amp 2016 shorts. Feel free to jump in and post your own idea(s).



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By the way, the image on the t-shirt posted above might be interpreted as an amplifier going nuclear (white hot) with the hands of the builder held up to shield their eyes from the newly created sun while still trying to peek at the inferno thru the keyhole in the middle. Think of clouds at sunset if that is a nicer image.

Evidently the hands when placed in this position are a masonic symbol for "fire" and "male", which certainly seems to fit Burning Amp to a tee. But I didn't choose it for any of these reasons and I think symbolism is a total joke. I just think it looks cool.
Hello Mr. Charlie Laub,
I am a graphic Designer. See if you like this logo design. The logo theme should be related to the name. i.e. 'Burning' and 'Amp' so as people connect with it very easily. I have shown an amplifier chassis and grinning sun (Probably a new class A circuit design :)) peeking out of the chassis. The sunglasses add a little bit of cool factor. Types are bold for readability. The cliparts are referenced but heavily modified freshly created new, so you can scale to any size for print.
Thanks and Regards.


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I get visions of walking on burning coals, so no likey. Also I've discovered that I don't much like large prints esp on the back when I sweat a lot.

Burning Amp... burning coals... what's the difference???

FYI the design will be on the front, across the chest of the shirt. On the back would likely only be sponsor logos.

Anyway, if you don't like it, POST SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE BETTER! That's the idea behind this thread. I just kicked it off with something that took me all of 5 minutes to make. I'm sure that many of you can do the same.
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