The Assembled SBA Sasandu TeXtremes have arrived!

Sasandu Tx 400ph.JPG

Wow, these are a lot bigger than I envisioned. Of course, each came in its own box, and each box was 100 lbs. Good packing materials. Excellent paint jobs.

On first hearing, very impressive.

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The Sasandu Txes obviously have the capability to sound "like a big speaker" but they also have the capability to sound "like a small speaker"--I mean that in a good way.

There is a remarkable continuous-ness to the midrange and treble, perhaps because all the drivers are made from the same material (Thin Ply Carbon). It might be the TPCD technology that makes the silences "blacker." I don't know at this point--my first experience with TPCD drivers.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for the productive comment!

Great minds listen alike, is all I can say. Really. These are objective physical phenomena that have nothing to do with what I had for breakfast or anything else that might be influencing my subjective mood.

SB Acoustics sells ready-to-stuff (Non Flat Pack) cabinets for the Sasandu, the Ranjani, the Arya, the Ara, and the Micro.

Most models can be had in White, Black, or High-Gloss Black (HGB). A couple of models also offer wood veneers, and some models offer by special order, Red and Orange. To match your Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Here's an image of such a cabinet for the Ara, in HGB:

SBA Ara 2 way.jpg

In theory, all the cabinet choices are available from both Madisound and Solen; but, at any given time some SKUs might be out of stock.

So, First Cut on answering your question, "Yes: those started out as SBA factory ready-to-stuff, Non-Flat-Pack cabinets."

However, that is less than half the story.

Solen assembled and tested those speakers in Montréal, and I am reviewing them the way I would review a loudspeaker from Wilson Audio, Wilson Benesch, Harbeth, or anybody.

Now, Madisound offers assembled crossovers as an upcharge option on its website; and Solen will quote a price. Both offer component upgrades.

Solen has not yet finalized the price, but the assumption at this point is that they will be selling direct and will charge their usual shop labor rate for the time spent assembling the crossovers, and assembling and testing the completed loudspeaker. Or, people who want to spend hours cutting up the little pieces of acoustical damping material can save a few bucks.

My "Golden Eared" friend who just visited said that he liked the SB Acoustics Satori TPCD tweeter better than he liked the tweeter in his Vivid Audio B1s (Yikes!!! He bought those on my recommendation), and he asked me to get a USD$ price for him an a fully assembled and tested pair of Ara Txes, and how do you like those apples?

all my best,

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