The "areas" that is really in working


2005-06-17 6:58 am
Maybe it's just my own imagination, or even worse, imagination in the wrong way....

I got a feeling that the working area of a device or component (might) affect how it sounds. In general, it seems the bigger the areas, the more easy going and effortless of the sound. Of course the so-called bigger is under reasonable size. And larger than a degree or in bad implementation, things can be out of control and start sounding sloppy or overly loosened...

For example, on tubes with the same output power, DHT's have bigger areas in their plates, cathodes, grids, while other type of tubes have those stuff smaller in size (probably because they work more effectively). And DHT sounds more open and effortless to me.

On tubes and transistors with the same output power, tubes get everything much bigger in size. (think that tiny silicon dies in those macho looking TO-3 or TO-247) And tubes sounds more open and effortless to me.

On speakers with different radiating areas and working at same SPL (which is properly set for all). The ones with bigger area sound more open and effortless to me. The larger ones can be horns, arrays, plannars... etc. They just sound big, as their appearances.

Things can go on, but I believe you already got the idea. What I mean sounding open and effortless is the sense of natural presentation, somewhat casual but having everything perfectly in order, not trying too hard, not artificial, not painstakingly...

I know, I know, these are just overlly generallized, not specific at all. And all those (physical) factors have their scientific reasons and explainable. I just keep having that impression of looks-big sounds-big.

Or maybe it's just my personal preferences, mixed by the complex of bad social adaptation to this light-thin-short-small modern world. Yes I'm old-fashion.

I usually adore the big ones, but actually I also appreciate those delicate, elegant, simple, small things. Like as mentioned in the beginning, maybe all these are just my own imagination, or in the wrong way...