thanks for the site

i've visited DiyAudio for years. Like many, i've found the work by PerryBabin to be very helpful on bcae1 and have referred thousands to his site(s).

I have a BSEE and originally entered an EE program to learn circuit design with the hopes of designing audio equipment. such as life, i found power as more employable and spent the last 8 years designing commercial (mostly healthcare) power systems as a consulting engineer (and now a licensed professional engineer). i've also spent the last 5 years working in our Acoustics department. Writing programs, taking measurements, building scale models, designing and testing, etc. It's wonderful work and i've been lucky enough to present at ASA conferences as well. I'm a member of IEEE and ASA.

Sadly, working a lot, family, and the like have resulted in my forgetting much of the high technical knowledge i gained while attaining an emphasis in analog and digital circuit design. i look forward to getting back into electronics and will use this site as a reference. my first projects will be repairing the growing collection audio equipment (home and car)

i've spent the past 20 years helping people with audio: home, pro, and car. in the past 10 years on many forums i use keep_hope_alive as my moniker. i love helping people and have found forums as a nice way to reach out to many more people.

so cheers! and thanks to an excellent reference forum!