Thank You All

I know it's not major but for me it is. I finally got my balanced output stage working. I used my ext. power supply, two non polar 47uf caps for decoupling on a single sided pcb with DRV134 IC. I ran line outs from a consumer cd player, one side to a -10dbu unbalanced connection. The other side I ran through line driver. I didn't give it a good listen but It doesn't sound worse and it is +4dbu balanced. From here I assume that ground plane, decoupling cap selection, output caps and cabling will determine the subtle improvements. Don't comment! You guys need a break from my posts!
I trust that I wont completely be at the mercy of corporate junk from here on in and I know I have a long way to go. It seems every piece of gear out there has its own exclusive shortcoming. Do they plan it that way?
I am so greatful to all of your willingness to share your hard earned experience. The time that you have given is worth more than the best piece of equipment.
Every commercial design is for a specific set of goals. Sometimes a company will completely overlook a big weakness to get what they think they are after.

I'm glad you got your circuit working.

Feel free to join all your posts on a topic into one long thread next time, so everyone will know what you are talking about from the start. Don't be afraid of making them too long; Several hundred pages is the current record and a thousand times that many page-views.

Welcome to DIY electronics... there will be very little hope of turning back now! :D
Line driver

I sent a sine wave at 0dbfs out of a -10dbu unbalanced output. I ran that signal through my new balanced line driver, returning to an input referenced to +4dbu. My recorded signal is -9.37dbfs. What is my next step? I have an INA137 here. Can I make a unity gain recever, driver with the two? Adding head phone and volume control later?