Textreme Compression Driver

Looks like Eminence has been working on this for awhile.
New High-Performance Cone and Diaphragm Technology | audioXpress
Article mentions a 3" compression driver in the examples.

This really does look like a nice development in value for large format compression drivers. You can get two for less than the price of a Radian.

Eminence isn't one for hyperbole. The standard version measures well in comparison to the competition and is fairly inexpensive for its category. Their new Tour Grade woofers also compare nicely to the best Italian drivers.
Diaphragm is "lightweight ply carbon".
Looking at the spec sheet you can see the patterns of carbon fiber.
FS 494hz, recommended minimum xo 800hz 12db/oct.

Looking at this driver, I was almost expecting to see xmax and xlim. According to the datasheet, the sensitivity is better than 107db's from 600hz up!
Wow! Could probably match this to a 18" in a two-way, and actually get a good sounding setup.
N314X-8 - Drivers | Eminence Speaker
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