testing variations

I'm curious to try out many of the variations against each other.

What do you think about building 1 channel in each configuration and then listen to the test music in mono?

Could this be even better than switching between amps because you are listening to exactly the same signal at the same time?

Or would the lack of stereo spoil the whole listening experience?

I will try it anyway and let you know what I think.
its very hard to test in mono, especially from a stereo signal that is not blended. your speakers will not necessarily be outputting the same signal, thats the whole point of stereo, right?

also, you lose the ability of evaluating such things as wideness of the soundstage, stereo separation, etc.
By mono I meant that I would send the same signal to both 1 channel amplifiers, and have one drive the left speaker and the other drive the right speaker.

The signal might be stereo blended to mono (if I've got a mono button on my pre-amp) or just one channel sent to both amps.

Assuming my ears are evenly matched it should make it easy to say "hmmm the left amplifier is harsher on the highs" or whatever.