Test speakers?


2001-04-20 8:32 pm

I have a very elderly pair of bookshelf loudspeakers (Wharfdale Diamond III). One of the boxes is not operational. I would like to ressurect it so I could use them for testing purposes. Would a more decent crossover bring out a more decent performance or would I be wasting my cash?(!). This would be my first step into loudspeakers
and would appreciate some advice.

Many Thanks.

This is a question that occurs quite often around here. If you want to make a suitable cabinet for replacement, then you need to know the original cabinet volume and port lengths, or the T/S parameters of the drivers themselves. As for the crossovers, well, unless you know the drivers' parameters, its a lost cause. If you have some deep sentimental ties to the speakers, then you could try and ressurect them. However, I, and probably several others around here would advise against it, considering how you can build an excellent pair of cost-efficient bookshelfs nowadays that are likely to outperform those. The choice is up to you. Good luck.
Would I be correct in assuming that'not operational' means a blown driver, or perhaps one with a rotted surround? It's rare for a crossover to give up the ghost, leaving functional drivers orphaned in its wake.
If it's the crossover, you can rehabilitate it relatively cheaply. By all means, do so. Use better quality parts if you wish, but don't change the values.
If it's a dead driver, you're going to have a tougher time of it. Contact the manufacturer and see if by chance they have a replacement driver. Otherwise, you're toast.