Tesla coil almost killed me!

I was setting up a demonstration of my Tesla coil at the local library last Thursday. I was attempting to adjust the spark gap when somehow the primary voltage arced to my finger. I had my other hand solidly on a grounded metal box.
This is the scarriest thing that has ever happened to me. I knew what was happening but could not let go of the box or the plastic rod I was adjusting. finally, my legs buckled and I fell back away from the table and disconnected myself. I am still not sure how the thing got me but I am redesigning the whole setup now including an emergency shut off button on a post to be placed in front of the demo table. I have been doing this for twenty years and have never had this happen. The primary is a neon sign transformer 15kv @ 60ma with .01ufd of radar pulse capacitors connected to it. I think I got defibrillated about 200 times before I let go.
The tingling and numbness in my left hand is just now starting to lightnen up. I am still going to the doctor this week to have my heart listened to.
Don't try this at home!:bigeyes:


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I've been nailed by the power supplies for commercial grade 9" gunned Electrohome CRT projectors. 38kv, 11ma.

"GOOD MORNING!" you say when you get your breath back. And smell the stench of burnt flesh.

Watch your white blood cell count. Takes a few days to get it back up, so try to stay away from contagious folk until then.

PS. It always happens when you are on the top of a ladder, with your hands deep inside the PJ. One has to make a conscious effort to NEVER place the mini-maglight (2 AA size) that is invariably in one's mouth..between the teeth, in case of electrocution.