Terry Cain coming to PNWAS

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Terry Cain has graciously accepted an invitation to demo some of his designs at the July 14th meeting of the Pacific Northwest Audio Society.
I've had the opportunity to hear Terry's designs at VSAC and at CES. In addition, he is a master woodworker and his cabinet work is wonderful. For meeting time and location visit:
Pacific Northwest Audio Society

BTW, the June meeting consisted of a presentation by Winston Ma of First Impression Music. It was an absolute pleasure listening to Winston and to his recordings.
First Impresson Music
Recap of Cain demo at PNAS

Terry brought a pair of Super Abbeys and a pair of Baileys. Amplification was all tube with a WAVAC for the Abbeys, a Berning ZH270 for the Baileys and a Pass XVR1 handling the crossover which was around 53Hz according to Terry. There was also a custom tube pre-amp next to Terry's computer where he had all his demo tunes loaded for play.
We listened for about an hour while the system settled down and really started showing it's stuff. The room where our meetings are held is rather large, with the length being easily 30 feet. Many speakers have trouble filling this room. The Abbey/Bailey combo didn't seem to mind in the least. I started out sitting up front, maybe 10 feet from the Abbeys and got blown out of my chair. I moved back to where Terry was sitting.
I was pleasently surprised at the sound of the FF165K. It was fast and articulate with exceptional vocal capability, the hallmarks of the Fostex drivers. The Baileys were superb with the low end not distinguishing themselves but seamlessly blending in.
There were many at the meeting that had never "listened" to a single driver system. They were stunned. Especially when they found out the Super Abbey in maple is only $2200 dollars. These guys are accustomed to systems costing 5 figures or more.
It was nice to see new faces at our meeting too.
So, another successful demo by Terry. Our club extends it's thanks to him for making the long drive across the mountains.
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