Tenshi Zaph audio woofer and sb Acoustics tweeter

Tenshi is Japanese for angel and as these were designed for my niece as a graduation present, aptly named. She chose the color and glitter and did a great job with the scheme.

The enclosures are 1/2" bb ply coming in at 8.5L with a 1.5" port for sn Fb of 60hz. The paint color is an aquamarine covered with 2 coats of spray on glitter. Dimensions are 11"H 7.5W and 8.5D.

Drivers are the Zaph Audio ZA14W08 woofer and SB Acoustics SB26STNC tweeter. The flat response of these drivers allowed for a very simple 5 element crossover with a crossover point of 1.9khz. I only used about 4db of bsc here as the intended purpose will place them on a true bookshelf or next to a tv in her dorm.

Note: Tweeter polarity is incorrect in the schematic. Should be normal polarity.


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