Tenma 30Mhz Dual Trace Scope

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After some deliberation, and a long talk with my friend Chris I have decided to give-a-way a Dual Trace Scope to an up and coming junior tech on our site. I would not say it is what one would consider a “Top of the line” Scope, never the less it is a Tenma 30mhz and in very good condition with low hours. The scope comes with the original 10:1 probes (2). I have gone through it and cleaned all the switches and pots, checked calibration and it’s ready to go. I want to make one thing VERY clear, although the scope would only bring a modest monetary value; I am not giving it away for someone to sell. I want the scope to go to the person that is ambitious, technically orientated and want’s to peruse a lifelong commitment to electronics.
I as other have sometimes had to scrounge to get what we needed to fulfill or needs to achieve our goals’. I just think it would be a good idea to give back some of the afforded favors I have been given. I will look through the request throughout this next week, ending on Friday at midnight EST. In the event the scope is given to someone outside the Tampa area all shipping will be paid by the one receiving the scope. I would pay for shipping but I am not in the position to do this at this time. I wish I had more to give, maybe in the future.
This forum and its’ member have helped me tremendously through the year and for that I am very grateful.
To all the best possible Holydays.
Thats very nice of you. I wish you would have posted it on the swap meet, a month or two ago when I had money. I have been watching that one, along with craigslist hoping to get lucky. I am barely in the position to pay for shipping at the moment, and so that puts me in the really low budget scrounging phase.

I have only been at dabbling at electronics seriously for a couple months, So I consider myself one step before the aspiring tech part. However the schematics are starting to make a little more sense, and not so much like crude hyroglyphs. My plan is to fix my four scrounged car amps, into more equipment, and eventually more broken stuff.

I have an old cabinet telefunken stereo in storage, I wanna get that working eventually, but I figure I should get a firm grasp on dc electronics before I can step up to the ac stuff, especially german tube electronics. Its funny the schematics are in german, but at least the electronic values are universal. For right now I am mainly sticking to the car audio section, less dangerous, and for the most part less voltage.

its late and I am feeling rambly. Thanks for reading, hopefully it made sense.

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Temna Scope Give-A Way

I am going to let the "Scope Give-A-Way go for another week or so due to the lack of request. Remember this is NOT a contest, just a pay back to the DIY members only. No post's or just posting now to get the scope will do no good :violin:. I am looking for a active member (newbe) that is going to use the scope to advance his or her skills, long term. Not just I want to tinker with electronic for somthing to do, a real interest in this field. Listing you interest and future projects would be a good start. There are lot's of us that had to dig through trash bins to find parts to get started in this field and still do. Being Christmas time also shipping may be a problem (throwing your scope off the plane or truck) so you may not get the scope till after the Christmas rush to be safe anyway. :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.