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Telefunken Transformers and Tubes: $50

I posted the whole receiver/amp unit awhile ago, but decided not to sell. I've again changed my mind. I need the space. You can certainly have the whole unit (as seen an described in the thread below), or if you want, I'll strip out the trannies and just ship you those. Here's the unit:


This time, I'll also include all the extra, untested tubes I've got. Many are Telefunkens. Keep in mind that at least two pairs of the ECL86's have never been hooked to a speaker, as they were part of the aux channel that the previous owner never used.

These trannies should make a nice little ECL86 amp (of course) or use them with EL84s, etc. They were originally for 4.5-5.5 ohm speakers.

$50 for the whole thing or just trannies and tubes. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal is easiest, but I can do cashier's check or money order.