Tektronix TDS7404 error

I have the opportunity to buy a high-end Tek TDS7404 scope, 4 channel, 4GHz, the works. Did I mention Very Cheap?

Only one issue: the self test generates an error: 'Acquisition error # 321".
I have not been able to find a service manual. No idea what the error means, and I am weary to buy it without knowing what is wrong with it.

Anybody knows this scope or has access to service info?



2015-11-01 5:45 pm
Hi Jan,

The best way to get a really helpful answer is EEV Blog(forum):

EEVblog Electronics Community Forum - Index

Your Tektronix oscilloscope it there well known:).

Best regards,

One important thing - for use of normal oscilloscope probes (10MOhm input) you should need to have a special TCA-BNC TekConnect adapters, otherwise is oscilloscope for low frequency work pretty useless!
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