Tektronix AM5030 with A6302 current probe

What do you think the final auction will be?

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  • below $1200

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Ebay is not the place for the high value test items. I got a AM503 in a TM501
with the A6302 probe all working perfectly on craigslist for $50. Yes, that's
a single zero.

Anyway, you shouldn't expect this era test equipment to work. If you buy
this stuff, you should expect to fix it. Tek expected you to service it, that's
why they wrote those awesome manuals. That all changed in the 1990's,
try fixing a 11000 series scope; now that's a real boat-anchor.

Once you have a lot of test equipment, it's best to just rack mount it. Tek
and HP rack mount stuff is generally cheaper than the bench units and it's
physically easier to service. The only test equipment on my bench is a
crappy radio shack DMM.

The other solution is to get a model 3 scope cart. That will hold a pair
of TM504 or tm5003 plus a scope. The lower mainframe is a bit too low
to work with though.

Looks great! Love seeing the System One. I need one, but my employer is cheap. Is that an HP synthesized function generator bottom shelf far left? Are five power supplies enough?

Kind of a mirror image of my bench but with your computer on the left and you're using the corner turned in too.