Tekton Lore DIY

This interest doesn't make much sense to me..

Just on value alone:

There is about 400 US solely in drivers cost (to a DIY'er - IF you could get them).. then add-in other expenses relating cabinet, finish, crossover parts, binding posts, etc.. Basically IF everything goes right with the build you might spend only *slightly* less than the cost of the manufactured speakers (which are 999 US).

There are of course plenty of *other* reasons to avoid this design as well..

1. The primary is that I believe they are using the older version of the Legend B102 (now custom). (..even then, the older B102 is less available - and it can be difficult distinguishing differences).

2. Lack of baffle-step in a "full-range" design results in a lean response at listening distance greater than a meter (with upper midrange emphasis).

3. Poor linear performance.

4. Poor linear polar performance.

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Tell us more! :D

Would love to build a pair if they are as great as "they" say they are...

I think the most interesting part of it is the tweeters - the very same that SpirosZ linked to.

They are small enough in size to minimize combing effects by allowing closer placement to each other and the woofers. (..probably all series connected - with a net an average spl slightly higher than there reference - say an honest 96.5 db for a nice easy impedance).

There is also likely enough gain from the woofers to provide baffle step compensation.

The only real problem IMO is the use of 10" drivers - which are probably also custom.. in a 2-way design.

-it's a bad idea for the same sort of reasons I previously mentioned about the Lore.

A much *better* choice would be a 3-way (2.5 actually) with a smaller mid driver.

ie. 3 X SB tweeters, a B&C 6MD38-8 mid, and THEN the 10" drivers. Crossover the 10" at a point where baffle-step occurs (so you don't need baffle step compensation).

-yes, more expensive because of the mid.. BUT almost certainly MUCH better performance.

A pair of eminence 10B's in a 7.5 cubic foot cabinet with a tuning freq. in the mid 20's works out well when factoring in the gain of the drivers parallel connected to 8 ohms and pressure losses from the baffle. Might not need much more than a large iron-core inductor with the right size baffle for good integration with the midrange.
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pi 2 floor standing speakers would be pretty similar. 1 in tweeter & 10 in eminence woofer. Simple cross over, sounds good.

Pi Speaker Kits, two Pi tower kit

Also design problems.. and that 100db efficiency? I know of no tweeter that even comes close to that. Supravox has a gold-dome unit that's about as high as I know of, and considering its problems - it's really only usable as a super-tweeter.

This grouping of kits is a bit more realistic at higher eff. with good design:

Waveguide Speaker kits DIY Sound Group

Not much low freq. extension though.. And the low freq. extension might not be a problem if you use subwoofer(s).
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So did anyone build a DIY Tekton? I wrote to them about a week ago asking about shipping to UK for the Lore Reference. Still waiting for a reply. Going to be about £1300 in total, I reckon. Zu Audio Dirty Weekend are another pair I'd like to have (basic model with upgrade is $999 + $390 shipping). Would love to build a pair of either of them to save money. Wouldn't be the same though as they've been tinkering around with the drivers and design for years.

Closest I can find in DIY is the 2 Pi speakers using the original Eminence Alpha 10". The towers are just a bit to deep for my room, so I'd build the largish bookshelves. Thought about building a pair with the same dimensions as the Lore Reference with a different tweeter perhaps. I'd need a lot of help with the xo as it would be altered from a 2 Pi design. Also, love the WD25t design but spl is 87dB. Okay with my 3e Audio Class D 50w (great bass but upper mids are bright) but no good with my sweet 6w SET amp.

Anyone tried building Tekton /ZU clones or similar?