Technics SU V98 bad channel

Ian Finch

Paid Member
2010-04-11 4:22 am
Coffs Harbour, NSW
The SUV98 uses Technics hybrid power amplifier modules - type SV13205. These make it impossible to use anything else for replacements and as time has passed, they have become very difficult to find. Most that are available will be "pulls" from scrapped amplifiers which may not even be functional.

However, the amplifier has relay and overload protection so it seems unlikely it would fail with just a brief shorting event. I've seen other hybrid SUV series models shorted without damage. Was this shorting occurring over an extended period?

Note that the amplifier will not power up after going into protection mode until the power has been removed and then restored. Are there lights indicating status and have you downloaded the user and/or service manual to look for these instructions and clues?
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2015-03-10 4:02 pm
Hi - I have a similar problem, was listening to the radio one night and everything died. No lights on SUV-98. All other things seem to work, ie light up, but without the amp no sound, from tape, radio, phono, cd ... by 'removing power and restoring' do you mean unplug and replug?