Technics SU-V470 PXS CAP

Hi! Recently i've acquired used Technics amplifier su-v470 pxs cap.
Unfortunately cannot find any full specs on it., there is an SVI3205 module inside, sound and output of it seems to be quite nice, but there is always room for improvement...
There are two technics caps 6800mf per rail in the psu part.
can anyone give me any suggestions as to its specs and or schematics, and also what are the mods that i can do to it in respect to possibly raising psu's capacitance to improve performance?
I've read some threads on a similar topic, but any input would be helful! i did some mods on my 10yr old 90w+90w solid state amp
its a some russian made model, which is now used to power other room, (replaced all electrolytics, attenuated quiscents and so on, i've spent quite some time on it to make it sing well), but to compare it with technics - technics seems to perform better in the mid range, its more open, but to me it seems it lacks some power from psu, not sure if those 6800mf caps are enough for it, along with the trannie 480w written on the back.
thanks again for your replies!