Technics SU-G50 fan starts upon start up, volume motorised crazy

Hi All )

I dropped my modded Technics SU-G50 in, only to be told by the repairer that it wast not repairable so i bought another from gumtree, kid you not the same issue, well first no display was working but seller said it was loud, well, volume seems strange just like mine, so i am thinking my old G50 is fine !

volume starts 72db or so, and goes lower as you turn it up, i wont attach speakers to it to ruin my good speakers, test speakers died on another project

display issue was dry joint on transitor on the heatsink either side of thevSVI3206A

** update
tested again this time ,
click of IC, and fan starts ! volume i checked -72db ?, cant believe i got another one with same isssue, this one is stock, so i think my mods on my old one isnt the issue, pins or solder issues,

** also i changed face plates onto both old and new Technics SU-G50, same issue