So this is the second VRDS CMK4 (TEAC T1) I have to sort out over the last 10 years and it seems even worse than the first TEAC T1...I have all gears replaced but the best I can achieve is the tray closing once, the player playing but after opening again, the tray starts to automatically close again after about ~2-3 seconds, each time.
Apparently there is a marking on the big tray gear and on the chassis that shows the correct position, but it's underneath the CD tray. Can someone remind me how to remove the CD tray(or drawer) on these?
I checked the service manual of the T1 and VRDS-7 but both show exactly zero information on the gear positions.

I measured the microswitch with the tray ejected and I get a healthy 0.1 ohms. I also reflowed the joints on and around the connector itself.
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So it turns out, the problem only occurs when the flywheel + CD motor assembly is installed...the moment I grab the top assembly and move it to the drive, it closes immediately, same when I put my finger on the drive base and tap it, it closes. weird.
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