TEAC VRDS CD T1 gear broken


One of the gears that help to move the sledge in my CD T1 is broken with the result that the sledge doesn't move at all. However I can move the sledge by hand and everything works fine.

I saw today that there is a company http://www.chsinteractive.co.uk/ that stock spare parts and they seem to have a few of the gears for this player but which one is it that I want? The one broken in my player is white and consist of 2 gears one small with I think 13 teeth and the larger one with about 40.

Can anyone help?

Regards Hans
COPLAN VRDS CD gear broken

I have a COPLAN CDA 288 with a TEAC CMK4 VRDS with the same problem.
Is it this the gear?
I'l try to find one but is almost imposible.
Anybody can help us?


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Yes, this is the same gear as in my player. One idea I have is to buy generic gears from a supplier of mechanic parts and build a new gear but I don't yet know if I can find the correct pitch and number of teeth.

The company I linked to http://www.chsinteractive.co.uk/ have several of thge gears for this CD drive but I don't know which one is which, does anyone have the repair manual so we can identify the gear name/part number?

Regards Hans
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Probably not a bad idea to replace all of the gears in the sled drive train - this is what I did in my Sony.. The gears should not be all that expensive.

Have you tried contacting Teac for the manual? Or looked on line for it. Sometimes manuals turn up in the oddest places. I found my SCD-777ES manual online for free, Sony wanted something like $35 for it.
Hello from Australia. My TEAC VRDS T1 needs a tray idler gear TEAC part 5801571100. Despite the age of the machine, if I can't find a spare, the machine sits idle.. (pun intended). It is a shame to junk a good cd transport for the sake of a plastic gear.

Can anyone help pls ? In following this thread, there was discussion about obtaining some generic gears and cobbling a replacement gear. Any progress with that ?

All responses greatfully appreciated.

Trade secret No: 347B part 3 section 5

I have done this now to many obsolete impossible to find gears for CD players.
Get some battery clock mechs couple of dollars each from electronic, hobby or bargain shops, three or four different makes, pull them apart and get all the gears out, match up your gears.
Drill out the holes to match the Teac spindle size then use the drill as a centering axle with some grease on it and then glue the two gears together using "Davcon B", a two part 24hr drying time hard as nails epoxy glue.
And there you have it, your own home made gear.

Cheers George

PS: Be clean with the surfaces that have to be glued together.
Did you manage to fix your T1?

Yes, I did! the gear I ordered from Charles Hyde in UK was indeed the right one and when I had fiddled a bit with the initial position of the big gear that move the CD tray the player now works perfectly with very smooth operation and will probably give me many more years of service.

The total cost for the gear including P&P was 15GBP but I think it is still a low price to pay instead of scrapping what is otherwise a very well functioning player.

Regards Hans
TEAC VRDS T1 spare part dilemna

Hi, Yes, Charles hyde in the UK appears to be the only company in the world who has this cog. Unfortunately, they will not ship goods to Australia, not even a small plastic cog ! TEAC UK won't purchase on my behalf and TEAC Australia is silent.

This is very frustrating. I have a quality cd transport that can't be fixed as there is no way to get a small plastic cog to Australia. TEAC don't seem interested in supporting their higher end (but ageing) prodcuts.

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My T1 join the swelling ranks of the broken geared a couple of nights back. :bawling:

I've tried the local TEAC spare parts dealer and got the usual story - "unavailable part" when quoting the T1 part no. While searching the 'net last night I realized that chsinteractive are selling the gear as a VRDS-7 part, so I was wondering if the TEAC part number is different between these models?

As has been mentioned in the thread the T1 2-step gear is 5801571100. Does anyone have the corresponding part number for the VRDS-7 or is it same as for T1?


Update: Decided broaden my google searching to a more generic "CMK4 door gear" and turned up another UK source of the door gear that will ship internationally.


There is no indication whether this is a stock item, so not sure of how long this will take to get. I've ordered one and will post when I know more.
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all up Signal charged about $22.00AUS (roughly 13.75Euro) posted airmail judging by my bank statement. I still am waiting for it to arrive, but I'm more than happy to spend $22 to keep the transport in running order.

TEAC Australia is apparently talking about ordering the gears from japan, but knowing the way they price new gear I reckon I'd be paying more than $22 to buy from their local spares outlets anyway. :dodgy: