teac bx-300 amplifier

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I bought a nice old TEAC BX-300 (with MM and MC inputs). I search the schematic to upgrade it. If somebody have the schematic or informations to share, thank you in advance.




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J'ai trouvé dans un dépot vente un TEAC BX300 qui m'a attiré à cause de son entrée MC, rare pour un appareil de cette gamme. Il est OK. mais en l'ouvrant j'ai vu qu'il y avait une surchauffe (voir le jpeg). Auriez vous le schéma du côté alim pour être certain de la valeur des composants à remplacer ?


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Hello Sakis

do you know the word "Courtesy" ?

In any language BX300 service manual si BX300 service manual, if you are not able to clic on a link, sorry I can do nothing more for you.

A french site is in french, an english site in english, ..... perhaps if I have the time one day I will translate my site for english people, but actually I receive a lot of mails of english people (in english) who understand or who are enough intelligent to use "babel fish translator", or who contact me to have details about what they don't understand.

If you want to understand what is wrote on the Service Manual page, it's simple, I say that a lot of ******** have some service manuals and don't want to share them free. I pay my service manuals, but if someone need one, I share them free on this page.
It's like people who put some pictures of their amplifiers on the net without schematic. It's stupid, on Utube, ok, but on a site about DIY audio, it's idiot, the goal is not to see how much they amplifiers are nice, the goal is to share.


I found your link clicking into your name...your personnal

information are there..the ones you have typed.

You are an advanced amateur...

C'est un grand plaisir votre personne dans cette place... pour ici, avec nous.

à bientôt monsieur.

Charles...le Brezilien fou...quelqu'un qui a une joie de vivre.


Toulouse... the place were people build Airbus 380
do you know the word "Courtesy" ?

Basis this forum, i believe Sakis is one of the members that is a true gentleman. The way i understand it is that he's talking about the language being posted here and not about the service manuals or am i wrong? As one of the people who follow the threads it would be nice to put something that everyone could understand without using translators... thanks for the links by the way! :)

Hey, sonophile I dropped your text into an French to english translator:


"J' found in a deposit sale a TEAC BX300 which m' attracted because of its entry MC, rare for an apparatus of this range. It is OK. but in l' opening j' saw qu' there was an overheating (see the JPEG). Would have you to it diagram on the side alim to be certain value of the components to replace? Cordially"


destroyer X, your french is better than my brasilian !!!! very nice.

mannycc, if I understood well, Sakis spoke about my site, not about this forum.
In the past I had a forum on my site, language was french, but if someone posted in english, they were welcome too. The only important thing was to share the same passion.
I work for an american compagny in France, travel a lot in a lot of countries in the world. A lot of people don't speak french, so i have no choice and I try to speak my bad english with them. But if in a country I meet a french guy and need to ask him something, I speak french, like I understand that if an american collegue come in Toulouse I understand that he speak in english with others american collegues. All is a question of respect of the others. When I go in US, I speak english (in fact I try :) ), when I'm in France, I speak french like on my site ;-)
Of course, one day I will try to translate my site in english, but before I would like to be sure to not destroy too much this language with a bad translation ;-)

Of course, it's better if Sonophile write in english, but sometimes we can understand that it's more easy to speak in the native language of the guy with who you speak.

So the issue is closed for me, no problem, and if someone can find what he need on my site, it's the more important for me, and if he don't understand, feel free to contact me.


more bx-300!

Dear all,

Thanks a lot - merci bien for your postings sur le BX-300 :D

I picked up an old BX-300 and these are my observations:

-It is also running burning hot in the corner pointed out in the picture - also to the point of discolouring the PCB.
-Also, my unit gives off a rather audible hum when it is ON - Do yours do that?
-My power LED is not working - anyone else?

I tried connecting my B&O record player (MMC pickup, normally connected to the MM on an Acoustic Research A-04 amp) to the MM inputs and ground, but I get a very loud hum and almost no sound... is there something wrong with the unit you think?

All other inputs (aux,tuner,tape1,tape2) are working with no noise or crackle. :rolleyes:

as for the language discussion;:eek:

Let us please try to enjoy the fact that we actually speak different languages, instead of turning to this petty anger over not understanding... and as has been pointed out.. the availability of translation today is so high.. google, freedict etc.. so theres really no reason to complain... use the chance to learn something instead... - my two øre on that subject

best regards
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