Teac A-l700p mods


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2004-06-14 4:57 am
I know Vinnie has done extensive mods on this particular amp using two 12v batteries. I am going to try to do all these mods myself, but don't know how to do one of them. How do I implement the 5v voltage regulator if I am using 24 volts of battery power. I know the chip needs 5 volts as well to function. Here is what Vinne does. Direct wiring of the +5V power line from the voltage regulator to the amplifier board, plus the
addition of a hard-wired Panasonic FC decoupling capacitor for the +5V rail. http://www.redwineaudio.com/Teac_AL700P_mods.html Do I put 24 volts through the regulator and run the 5v rail line directly to the chip? Thanks for your help in this matter, Kevin.