Teac A-4070 refurbish complete

I just finished refurbishing this Teac A-4070 (plays forward and reverse). I have refurbed and built from scratch quite a bit of gear. This was my most difficult project yet. I bought it in March for $20 not working, power up only. I ended up replacing all of the electrolytic caps, some of the film caps, some transistors and all 4 heads.
I used NOS Nortronics for the playback heads and was very lucking in finding NOS Teac record/erase heads. It seemed like every time I fixed something another problem popped up. It had hot chassis issues that went away when I removed the extra wiring etc. associated with using different voltages. I will never be used outside of the US now anyway. It cleaned up nicely and more importantly sounds fantastic now hooked up in my main system.
complete teac.jpg
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