teac 3340s tape calibration

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does anyone have any details about tape calibration for a teac A- 3340s? i have just purchased a mrl tape and am struggling with the details of calibration for this particular machine. i can only find playback head adjustment screws for the left and right (not all 4 tracks), and there is no seperate controls for higher or lower frequencies. does anyone have any experience with calibrating this (or a similar) machine, or maybe a manual? any help would be much appreciated. thanks.
there is a lot more to calibrate on such a machine than only azimuth. If I were you I would follow the procedure stated in the service manual. Bfore you calibrate with a tape you should check your tape speed, tape travel (the tape guides should be adjusted) and some other things. This depends on the particular machine. Speaking of the playback head you will want to adjust first PB Head stroke, then tilt, then height and after all of this azimuth. Then you proceed to adjusting your record head(if it is a separate one, i.e. discrete heads). Input a tone, start recording and monitor the output(what the adjusted PB Head plays). Adjust your RH so that the output is MAX on both channels.
Adjust at last your erase head. You will need a sort of gauge to adjust it mechanically. You will have to adjust the erase current of the erase head but also the BIAS since the erasure is accomplished through a bias tone. At last you can make an erase test. Record a test tone and see what comes out when you play it. Erase and see again what is left.
Before you do all the adjustments it is essential to clean and demagnatize your heads and transport. Make your mechanical adjustments otherwise you may damage your CAL tape ... Good luck ...
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Hi daviskeithdavis,
I think the level is about 2 dB off as I recall. The EQ curve correction depends on the MRL tape you have. I used to have all this info, sorry.

For level, look at your test tape, it's x nanowebers / m. Look up the Teac tape and figure out what the difference is. Convert to dB. Make sure your EQ switches are set properly.

Another point. These machines have grease in the transport that get converted into a stiff compound by microbes. You may need to strip, clean and regrease the transport. Fun - yeah.

Look at the heads. The wear (flat spots) should have close to parallel sides. The tape should touch lightly the edges of the guides. A new pinch roller is important. Make sure there is no ridge where the edge of the roller can contact the capstan shaft. Do set the brake tensions first...

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