TDA8920BTH BTL, transformer question.


2013-01-28 8:22 am
Hello DIYers,

I am new to the DIY audio and I'm deeply in the overwhelming "information absorption" process, soaking up as much info as I can. I am experienced in automotive electrical and auto computer systems . I have worked in shops building custom cars and wiring them from scratch. I am also a performing bass guitar player working in several bands in the Los Angeles area and I have a firm grasp of my bass amplification equipment.

I decided to piece together a little home stereo to playback music and movies. However, I have a few question regarding and matching the parts & pieces I already have.

For my first build/first version of the build, I am utilizing the notorious Chinese "HiFi" (LoFi) components. The first being a Tube 6N3 Buffer, going to a BBE 382i (a glorified 2 band EQ), amplified by a Chinese TDA8920BTH BTL 200w x 200w (Realistically a 60W x 60w?)

First off, what transformer would work with the TDA8920BTH BTL? The instructions say I need a dual 12v but it's not very descriptive on any other specs. I already have a dual 12V 5w transformer but I have a feeling it will be short on demand. I also have from a parts amplifier, a toroidal transformer labeled "XA-4400" that converts 115v to 43v - 0 - 43v/5.5A, it also has 25v/0.5A, 25v/0.5A & 11v/0.5A, 11v/0.5A.

Can I use my 115v to 43v/5.5A torodial transformer with the dual 12v Chinese "fake" TDA8920BTH BTL?

If so, do all of the various stages of voltage reduction need to be plugged in and functional to accomplish the necessary voltage drop?

Another question, from what I understand most guys that have experimented with the "Fake" TDA8920BTH say a few mods need to get done for better sound quality. What were those mods and how do I execute them. One of them was saying do not send a DC signal to the chip. Would my 6N3 buffer and BBE 382i send a DC signal?

Thank you guys for your help, any pointers along the way is greatly appreciated. Cheers ~Mykk