TDA7498E no nonsens amp (

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TDA7984E Audiopohonics amp arrived today (just another nobsound, fx-audio,fosi audio,aiyima, clone, wanna be with audiophonics on the front)


24v 6a power adapter,supply used with the amp, i used it with my TPA3116 amp and it's enough for 8 ohm 85db speakers, i use it atm without my tube t1 preamp.

Atm im playing the sound track from Tron legacy (very good soundtrack) and it can sound very dynamic and tight punchy bass (thats how good the soundtrack is) Solar Sailer sound amazing in the bass played loud

Highs don't sound as soft as when i use my tube pre amp with my TDA3116 amp, but it's only just gotten up to room temperature and theres also burn in (which there can be many opinions on)

Midrange sounds good,even when i don't use my tube preamp the soundstage is wide.

Basic amp with rca input, power and speaker output on the rear, in the front only power on/off and volume which is analog since it's channel balance isn't perfect at very low volume which means it's analog, digital there no channel unbalance at low levels.

Olde douk audio g3 amp the sound would get loud fast (high gain) with the new amp the volume seems smoother in how fast it gets loud, i think despite using the same power adapter,supply the TDA 7894E is a bit louder

Better than my TPA3116 amp but not as good as the amp with the tube preamp, although it's more close to the tpa311+ tube preamp combination than the TPA3116 amp alone.

I tried my TPA3116 alaone and could hear it sounds better with the tube preamp, im not shure the difference is as big if i changed back to the TDA3116 + tube preamp.

There is no tonecontrols and i don't need to adjust the highs and lows

if you can find one for under 50 euros and a power supply with 24volt or higher for low sensitive speaker you will get a very good amp
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Many thanks for the good review. Others have also appreciated the 7498E. Personally, I only see the very tiny chip housing and very tiny chip leads as a serious drawback (for cooling and in case replacement is needed).
Tube-sound should be particularly soft and agreeable (but not "authentic") such that hardly any solid-state amplifier can do as well as a tube amplifier if that is the sound you aim for.
I have no heat problems with a 24 volt power supply, i do think i want a 30,32 or 36 volt power supply for more power.

If i get more heat with a bigger power supply i will use some of the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste i have.

I tried my 10db Rothwell attenuator and now i feel the sound is smoother in the highs and i only get some distortion at max volume, 5 or 6 o'clock on the volume, if i play someting that is recorded above avarage loud, at normal loud levels i have less distortion(nice to be able to use the full range of the volume knob).

One reason i want more power 30-34 watt with 25volt close to 70watt in 8 ohm with 36volt is volume is not always at max volume when i turn the volume all the way up and i sometimes want to play loud with out having volume at max an thinking this is not loud enough, as i can do now with -10 db attenuators.

Have ordered a pair of Cordial CFU 0,3 CC (30cm) rca to rca to get a short cable between my tube preamp and my new amp, on a desk i think 50cm is way to much, i most admit with my TPA3116 amp i wanted to use the tube preamp, so fare i haven't had the urge to connect it to my TDA7498E amp.

Second reason besides the amp not always play max volume because of the attenuators, is i have ordered 8 ohm 85 db Definitive Technology Demand D7

Not big speakers but high performance, i was told they had a pair of b stock in white (of course for a lower price than a new pair), they didn't have a pair so i was told i got a new part 1/3 of the retail price (b-stock price) 375 euros, normal retail price is 616 euros.

The didn't have wharfedale diamond evo 4.1 for atleast 1 month and they also cost 616 euros so i saved some money with a b stock pair of Definitive Technology Demand D7

Nothing wrong with my wharfedale diamond 225, i just got the chance of trying different speaker to hear if they can beat my diamond 225 in pure sound quality on 130mm isoacoustics stands and i might use my qed xt40 speaker cable that to me has as warm sound and don't sound bright.


Is there nothing negative about this amp ? YES there is

Mabye a bit channel unbalance and when i turn the volumeknob fast up and down close to max volume (no music) i don't hear any white noise,hiss which is good, i hear some weak static noise i don't hear when the music is playing.

If i can find some bigger,heavier adhesive hifi feet on ebay,amazon,wish, i might try it to prevent vibrations having a negative effect on the sound, nothing expensive, just a cheap tweak that might or might not work.

Any other question i will be happy to answer them
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