TDA7388 amplifier - is there a drop-in upgrade? (TDA7851 / Pioneer PA2030A ?)

Hi all,

Buying an Android head unit and specs shows TDA7388 chip, was hoping I could replace it with a TDA7851 or Pioneer PA2030A - or anything more up-to-date :)

But I'm not sure if these are drop-in equivalents or do I need to change other components on the pcb like different value resistors/caps to fit the new chip?


I compared the pin layout of both are in a flexiwatt25 housing.
TDA7388A - Quad BTL output power amplifier with stand-by and mute inputs, clip and offset detections - STMicroelectronics
7560 is rated for 2 ohms load - but look at the tables and graphs at 1% THD (distortion)..nobody will listened to 10%;)
TDA7560 - Hi-fi quad BTL output power amplifier with HDS/offset detection, stand-by and mute - STMicroelectronics

the TDA7560 has at pin 25 a DC Voltage detection - fine. and at the ST microelectronics both chips are active so you should get some parts...somewhere
The TDA7560 has the same voltage range but can deliver double the current as the TDA7388!!! if you look at figure 17 +18 you will see the max power and the heat dissapation--> so you need a huge heat sink for that.... both chip have the same Gain = 26db , 7560 has a DC voltage detection...

...chapter 3.4
DC offset detector
The TDA7560 integrates a DC offset detector to avoid that an anomalous DC offset on the inputs of the amplifier may be multiplied by the gain and result in a dangerous large offset on the outputs which may lead to speakers damage for overheating. The feature is enabled by the MUTE pin (according to Table 4) and works with the amplifier unmuted and with no signal on the inputs.
The DC offset detection is signaled out on the HSD pin. To ensure the correct functionality of the Offset Detector it is necessary to connect a pull down 10 k resistor between HSD and ground.

Thanks for this, Chris!

So for the DC offset detect I'd have to add a 10K resistor to ground?
yep..look at the datasheet

chapter 2.4 figure 3: pin 25 - comment in the bottom line


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